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How Big is [Infographic]

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Cyberattacks are on the Rise: Healthcare Data is Prime Target

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According to a study of all data breaches in 2013 (pdf), the health-care sector suffered the highest share of attacks last year, overtaking the business sector for the first time in almost a decade.

Here is a chart from the Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that tracks data theft, summarizing the number of data breaches in 2013 by categories (e.g., banking, business, and healthcare):




While there’s no doubt the number of data breaches across sectors has increased, there is one caveat regarding the healthcare sector’s totals. In particular, The Wonkblog noted:

The health-care number may be distorted because of a 2013 federal regulation that requires companies to publicly report breaches affecting 500 or more people. So there’s more data out there on health-care breaches than there is on say, retail attacks. In fact, that’s a practice the retail industry is talking about standardizing right now.


Source: Cyberattacks are on the rise. And health-care data is the biggest target. (Wonkblog)

The Price of Political Influence

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Here is a chart that shows lobbying expenditure of selected tech companies in the United States in 2013. As you can see, AT&T, Google, and Microsoft invested the most U.S. dollars on their lobbying efforts.




Source: Statista

Netflix Almost as Popular as Cable Among Young Adults

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Statista_Netflix-Bau2mT7CEAAAbcl.jpg large


Source: Statista

‘Cyber Monday’ Sales Triple in Less Than a Decade

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Via the The Switch (The Washington Post):

As more and more people have become comfortable with online shopping, Cyber Monday sales have crept up. While online sales in the 2005 Cyber Monday were $484 million, according to digital research agency comScore, by 2012 they had more than tripled to $1.465 billion — making last Cyber Monday the heaviest online spending day in history. And many online retailers have extended the formerly one-day affair into a “Cyber Week” of deals. Last year, that week contained three individual days with online sales of more than $1 billion.



Profitability at the World’s Biggest Tech Companies

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Note in the graphic below that Microsoft is the second most profitable tech company in the world behind Apple. I highlight this point because Microsoft is often overlooked in the tech space because its products are not really considered innovative and “sexy.” At the end of the day, though, money talks and sometimes “boring” is more.


Profitable2 copy

Source: Pando Daily

Twitter Soars 73% in its IPO

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Twitter priced its IPO at $26 a share. At that level, Twitter seemed like a good deal. Tough luck though for most retail investors who could not get in at the IPO price.

Against this backdrop, Twitter’s shares opened up today at $45.10 on the New York Stock Exchange, under ticker TWTR. The stock climbed as high as $50.09 before closing at $44.90, up 73%. That values the company at more than $31 billion.

One factor that contributed to Twitter’s big gains today was its shares were heavily oversubscribed, which forced some investors to wait until the stock started trading today to buy it. According to USA Today, Twitter’s share gains were also driven by optimism about the company’s long-term opportunities. The service is already a global media phenomenon, but it has a lot fewer users than Facebook, and the company’s business model is still evolving. That leaves room for investors to imagine great improvements from Twitter going forward.

I’m hoping Twitter pulls back a little for a better entry point, preferably under $33.


Source: USA Today

Pop or Drop for Twitter IPO?

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For more videos from Reuters, click here.

Current Tech Valuations Stir Memories of 1999

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Source: WSJ

Carl Icahn Increases Stake In Apple, Pushes for Stock Buyback

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Earlier today, well-known activist investor Carl Icahn went on CNBC and made a push for Apple to engage in a $150 billion stock buyback. While Icahn’s comments certainly make the headlines, it should be noted that Icahn’s $2.5 billion stake in Apple means he only owns roughly 0.5% of the tech giant. Put in a broader context, Icahn remains far down the list of Apple’s top shareholders.

Below is a chart of Apple’s top shareholders. Notably, Blackrock tops the list with just over a 5% stake in the company.




Source: Floating Path